Run SMART Project Coaches

The Run SMART Project, featuring Dr. Jack Daniels, is a group of professional coaches working together to help runners of all levels reach their running goals. Currently, Run SMART’s coaching staff is made up of 10 coaches operating across the country. All coaches are current or former distance running standouts with resumes that include Olympic Trials standards, national championships, sub-4 minute miles and Division I head coaching positions.

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Vince Sherry

I began coaching through a local running store in Charlotte, North Carolina shortly after finishing my college career. I was fascinated by the different circumstances that people had to deal with in their everyday lives and how those circumstances influenced their training. In time I realized that there are several factors that make an athlete/coach relationship successful. As with any relationship, there must be a mutual respect and understanding. I always start by getting to know a prospective athlete. I have found that knowing a person as an individual plays as significant a role in his running success as knowing him as an athlete. Family, school, work and the general details of life all factor into our running, so ignoring those aspects when considering training time and intensity can lead to a sub par performance on race day. I have found that being flexible as a coach plays a primary role in the success of my athletes.

As a runner, I continue to strive to get the most out of my ability. Though my running career has had its highs and lows, I believe that the obstacles I’ve faced along the way allow me to better understand what my athletes go through, and ultimately make me a better coach. I am currently living in Flagstaff and have had the opportunity to learn from Dr. Jack Daniels and renowned therapist Phil Wharton, of Wharton Performance.

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    • Track
      • 2001 Conference USA 10k Champion
      • 2001 NCAA Division I Provisional Qualifier
      • 5000 Meter – 14:02
    • Cross Country
      • 10k – 30:18
      • 8K – 23:55
      • Four-time All Conference selection
      • 1999 NCAA Championship Qualifier

Malindi Elmore

photo of Malindi Elmore

I am thrilled to be part of the Run SMART project and to have the opportunity to help athletes of all abilities to achieve their athletic goals. As a long time high performance athlete, I have been fortunate to have been exposed to many of North America’s top coaches and sports professionals – physiotherapists, strength and conditioning coaches, physiologists, nutritionists, sport psychologists; one of my greatest desires is to share my knowledge, ideas and resources with fellow runners. I believe that with a purposeful and individualized plan, athletes can achieve personal performances that exceed their expectations. However, it often takes a coach to detect the large and/or small changes necessary to make the difference between euphoria and disappointment following a race. I love running and am delighted to help other runners achieve their goals!

My goal in coaching is to build a strong foundation of trust and communication, while also establishing a firm understanding of the athlete’s strengths and weaknesses. In many cases my role is to challenge the athlete to take on new training stimuli while still adhering to the overall principles of periodization and peak training. I am very keen on balancing hard work with appropriate recovery and regeneration, in addition to advising on the many technical details that are often overlooked but are key to optimal performance, such as strength, core, technique, nutrition, stretching, race strategy, visualization, cross training, etc.

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  • 2004 Olympian in the 1500M
  • Bronze Medalist Pan American Games
  • Canadian Championship Record Holder in 1500M
  • 15-time Canadian National medalist
  • 1500M – 4:02
  • 5K – 15:12
  • 10K – 33:00 (Road)

Alvina Begay

My running career has blessed me with wonderful experiences like working with some of the best psychologists, physical therapists, dietitians, doctors and coaches (including legendary coach Alberto Salazar) in the sport.

Running has been a big part of my life for as long as I can remember. I watched my father compete when I was a little girl and carried on the family tradition of running and competing at a high level. I ran at Adams State College for one year before transferring to Arizona State University. I graduated from ASU with a degree in nutrition and later became a Registered Dietitian. My goal is to help runners achieve their goals by means of consistent communication and creating customized training plans that best suits an individual’s schedule and lifestyle.

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  • 3-time Olympic Trials Qualifier (Marathon, 10K)
  • Member of Team USA in the 2012 IAAF World Half Champs
  • 2007 ING New York City Marathon 10th Place
  • 10K PR – 32:34
  • Half Marathon PR – 1.12.25
  • Marathon PR – 2:37.14

Rod Koborsi

The experiences I have had running are one that I hope everyone has at some point in their life. The beauty of running is that it can both calm us but also challenge us to reach new limits. Running helps us think more clearly but can also separate us from reality.

I ran at Georgetown University where I was an 8-time All-American. Post-collegiately, I was fortunate enough to run professionally with Reebok and competed at the 2008 Olympic Trials in the 5,000m. Since 2007, I have worked as an Assistant Coach at my alma mater, Georgetown University, where I typically worked with the distance team.

My goal is to help everyone get the most out of running through an individualized training program that takes into account your goals, previous running experience, and work schedule.

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  • 2nd 2007 USA 5k Championships
  • 5th 2008 USA Half Marathon Championships
  • Eight-time All-American
  • Five-time BIG EAST Champion
  • 3,000m: 7:46
  • 5,000m: 13:26
  • 10,000m: 28:30
  • Half-Marathon: 1:03:53

Heidi Peoples

The majority of my lifetime has involved some aspect of running whether it’s spectating, training, researching or coaching.  Every day I look forward to lacing up my sneakers.  My greatest joy of the sport is exceeding expectations. As a high school senior, I ran a 27-second PR in the 3200 meters to become a PIAA state champion. During my senior year in college I was on crutches in mid-March due to acute tendinitis but ended up a national runner-up two months later. I was told I did not have the stride of a marathon runner but qualified for the Olympic Trials in my marathon debut.  Most recently, I broke a 25-year-old record in a 9-mile race just 3 1/2 months after giving birth.

Successful runners and coaches understand both the mental and physical aspects of the sport. As a wife, mother, high school teacher, runner, and coach, I understand the pressures of everyday life and the challenge of committing oneself to a healthy lifestyle. I truly enjoy seeing those around me believe in themselves and succeed, and I look forward to coaching those who are dedicated to reaching their goals. Through The Run SMART Project, I will develop a personalized plan for you that accommodates your schedule and brings out your very best.

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  • 11-time Division III All-American and 1500-meter National Champion
  • 2-time Steamtown Marathon winner and record holder
  • 2-time Olympic Trials Marathon qualifier
  • Marathon – 2:39:48

Ann Alyanak

I became involved with Run SMART out of a desire to return to coaching and use my experiences to help other runners achieve their goals.  As coach of the women’s cross-country team at the University of Dayton from 2004 to 2010 my favorite part was seeing the athletes improve and develop a passion for running. After stepping away from collegiate coaching to spend more time with my 2-year-old son I am excited to work with runners again and develop individualized training plans that will fit their lifestyle and goals. I also enjoy using my educational background in exercise science to apply training principles.

I have raced professionally since 2002 running races all across the nation. My experiences racing and training help me relate to other runners and be a better coach. I have been exposed to many different training theories and plans and know that there is no one size fits all plan. I am eager to work with runners to find the right plan and help them run personal bests.

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  • 7th place at 2008 Olympic Trials Marathon
  • 2011 Columbus Marathon Champion
  • 5k – 16:19
  • 10k – 33:36
  • Half Marathon – 1:13:46
  • Marathon – 2:34:46

Janet Bawcom

My journey into running, and coaching, has been anything but straightforward. I played several sports growing up, but I started running after high school following a chance encounter with 1988 Olympic Gold medalist Peter Rono. I eventually earned a scholarship to Harding University where I progressed from running 20 minutes for 5k to winning three NCAA National Championships.

After graduating from college, I continued to run recreationally, and my husband and I relied on Daniels’ Running Formula to guide my training. I continued to progress, and by 2010 I had improved 2-minutes on my 10k PR, run a 1:10 half marathon, and won races throughout the US and abroad. I decided I would like to let someone else advise me on my training, and in 2011 I began working directly with Dr. Jack Daniels as my personal coach.

Under Jack’s watch I have won 10 U.S. Road Racing Championships, set two American Records, and earned a spot on the 2012 U.S. Olympic Team. My journey from non-runner to Olympian, and my experience working directly with Jack, have given me a great deal of experience to draw from, and I love the opportunity to help my clients benefit from my experiences while pursuing their own running dreams!

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  • 2012 US Olympian – 10,000m
  • 2011 & 2012 USA Road Running Circuit Champion
  • 1500m: 4:29
  • 5000m: 15:22
  • 10,000m: 31:12
  • Half Marathon: 1:09:55

Nikki Reiter

I ran collegiately for the University of Windsor while I obtained a degree in Kinesiology and a master’s degree in Biomechanics. Never the star of the team, I learned how to work within my physical limits to meet and exceed my personal goals and expectations, while still experiencing the challenges of training with those faster than me. Running has taught me the value of discipline and hard work.

I have been coaching for over 10 years, with my greatest coaching accomplishment being the CCAA (Canadian Collegiate Athletic Association) National Cross Country Women’s Team title in 2013.  Family life has taken me away from collegiate coaching, and I am excited to work with Run S.M.A.R.T. Project clients. Knowing the rewarding experience running brings, I hope to share what I have learned as an athlete, coach and sports science enthusiast to help others achieve their individual running goals. 

As a biomechanist, I continue to provide online gait analysis through

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  • 5000 m – 17:55
  • 3000 m – 10:14
  • 1500 m – 4:49

 Coaching Credentials

  • Master’s Degree in Biomechanics from the University of Windsor, Windsor, Canada
  • Certified Exercise Physiologist (Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology)
  • NCCP Performance Coach (Level III)
  • Canada Summer Games Women in Coaching Apprentice Coach
  • British Columbia Provincial Team Assistant Coach in Cross Country Running

Jay Bawcom

Like many Run SMART clients, I came to running after a lifetime of participating in team sports, and I found myself coaching when I was asked to start a cross-country team as part of my first teaching job. In that role I found that I loved the opportunity to help individuals find success in personal improvement, not just in our team’s wins or losses. From there I spent the next several years coaching at high schools in the US in Kenya, and I had the opportunity to work with and learn from athletes of all levels – and to work alongside some of the best coaches in the country and even the world.

When I left teaching several years ago, I found myself with the unique opportunity to help my wife, Janet, implement the training programs she’d gotten from her coach, Jack Daniels. I had always used Daniels Running Formula as the basis for my teams’ training, but to learn the system directly from Jack took my understanding to an entirely different level.

I am grateful to be able to take what I’ve learned from these experiences and put it into my efforts to help my clients achieve their goals in running!