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James McKirdy Sets Four PRs At Broad Street Run

Run SMART client James McKirdy has been on fire ever since he signed up for coaching with Alvina Begay. Last year he wrote about how his abilities have skyrocketed after hiring his new coach. Since he’s broken 2:40 for the marathon and set a new half marathon PR.

Recently, coming into his next big goal race, the Broad St 10-miler, James set his sights on a top 50 finish amongst the 40,000 plus who toed the line. And apparently, he was sick of just setting one PR in a race. Along the the flat and fast course in Philly, James set PRs for 3 miles (15:25), boom, 5 miles (26:07), boom, 8 miles (42:45), boom, and then for 10 miles (53:55)! And he reached his place goal finishing 33rd overall. [Full Results]

Erin Miller Sets New PR In Boston

Big congrats to Erin Miller for not only qualifying for Boston but setting a PR there too in some pretty warm, sunny weather. She was pleased with her Jack Daniels’ Plan:

“I really enjoyed using the Run SMART plan this past training cycle. Boston was successful and I was able to PR by six minutes running a 3:08. I felt strong during most of the race but the heat did get to me at the end and I think I struggled with staying hydrated.”

4:33 Down To 4:13 In One Year


Brandon Harvey signed up for coaching last year to improve his 1600m time, reach all-state honors (top 8) and go on to compete at a Division 1 program. This young man was not messing around. Naturally, we matched Brandon with one of our middle distance coaches, Olympic 1500m runner Malindi Elmore. The rest is history.

At the Tennessee state meet a few weeks ago Brandon finished 3rd overall in 4:13 – a 7-second PR! That time brought his total improvement in the 1600m since he started working with Malindi to an amazing 20 seconds. And we’re proud to announce that next year we’ll be cheering him on when he competes for Ole Miss in the SEC.

Three big goals! Check. Check. Check. What’s next Brandon?

Now 50 Is The New 30?


Bobby Brill, representing our local training group with the NY Flyers, ran his second fastest marathon ever at the OC Marathon this past weekend. The 52-year-old has now completed 18 marathons. After just two training cycles of running under the influence of Dr. Jack Daniels’ training, Bobby ran faster than his 4:29 performance in NYC – when he was 31 years old!

Bobby’s official time is 4:23:33. [Results] He is now an honorary chairman of our Fountain of Youth Running Society ;0

Michael Kidder Bounces Back With A BQ/PR Sandwich

Michael Kidder of Brentwood, TN customized one of our marathon plans for the Carmel Marathon on April 12th. We’ll let him take it from there:

After using the 18 week program you designed, I pulled up at the Carmel marathon on mile 18 (on BQ pace with the pace group at the time) with a huge blister and was forced to walk off the course for the first time in a race ever.

Undeterred, I signed up for the Flying Pig the next day and finished it this weekend – 3:09:05 for both a PR and my first BQ time!


Run SMART Fountain Of Youth (Cont’d)

43 is the new 29? Well, Run SMART client Sara Armbruster is back to running like she did in her 20′s!

“I ran the second-fastest half-marathon of my life two weeks ago at the Gazelle Girl Half Marathon (1:56:38),” said Sara. “My fastest half marathon was when I was 29, and now I’m 43, so it feels pretty great to be running almost as fast as I was that many years ago. Definitely wouldn’t be running this well without Heidi’s help.”

Janet Bawcom Smashes Her Own Record At Cherry Blossom


Photo: David Monti at Race Results Weekly

We’re super proud to announce that Run SMART coach Janet Bawcom (pictured far right) broke her own U.S. record at the Cherry Blossom 10-Mile Run last weekend! Bawcom, who trains in Flagstaff, AZ and is coached by our very own Dr. Jack Daniels, smacked her previous record by 1 minute and 16 seconds.

After the race she commented, “Nothing more satisfying than going out and running exactly the race that your training said you could!” Man, we love that quote!

Full story.

Top 10 Women’s 10 Mile Champs Results
1. Janet Bawcom 52:12
2. Sara Hall 52:54
3. Frances Koons 54:30
4. Susanna Sullivan 54:31
5. Brianne Nelson 54:33
6. Jen Rhines 54:38
7. Heather Cappello 54:40
8. Meghan Peyton 54:42
9. Sara Slattery 55:14
10. Blake Russell 55:26

Heidi Peoples Wins Scranton Half Marathon

This morning Heidi Peoples took home the women’s title at the 1st Inaugural Scranton Half Marathon. She finished in 1:17:29 (5:54 per mile). [Full results] This amazing performance comes just 8 weeks after Heidi gave birth to her third child! Say what?!?! It’s also her first race in 14 months…just sayin.

Erin Miller Wins Newberry Half Marathon


Erin Miller of Columbia, SC, recently won the Newberry Half Marathon in 1:23:44. [Full results] Not only was she first female overall, she finished 3rd place overall in the race!

This was a 2.5 minute personal best for Erin and her second PR while following her Jack Daniels’ Boston Marathon custom training plan. Last month she also PR’d by 10 seconds in a local 5k.

On to Boston!

Josh Weinrobe Sets PR At Georgia Half Marathon

On a very hilly course at the Georgia Half Marathon Josh Weinrobe still managed to PR by over a minute. He finished in 1:26:27 (6:34 per mile).

This is a great sign as he enters his final weeks of preparation for the Boston Marathon. Josh is going after another sub-3 hour performance and his 4th Run SMART marathon PR.